Books and Libraries

I love to browse them and to make accidential findings. Sometimes I even dream of wonderfull libraries, bookshops and books and sometimes I find myself browsing the shelves, only to find out that I've hunted a memory out of a dream. There is a beautifull scene (youtube) in Wim Wender's film "Der Himmel ueber Berlin", where, invisible for it's living visitors and readers, the spirits of the dead populate a public library and observe, comment, whisper to them.

An other place where the spirits come is this small private museum. When Wim Wenders stumbled across it, he made a small film on it and it's remarkable founder, Mrs. Blaschke. Her Museum is housed in a ca. 800 years old building above a place where pre-christian pagans saw ghosts. Then a women-monastry was build on it, which later turned into a police station and prison. Now it is about the spirit of creativity. A physicist donated a toy from (very early) Einstein, which Einstein had given him as symbol of the importance to never lose contact to one's childhood. (The text on the sheet behind it belongs to an other exhibit, we moved the cow for a better foto)