choked minds

A new film is reported as illustrating the mentality of the provincial people like in this region of Germany a century ago. Here the trailer, fitting to the few descriptions by local people I heard. It shows the choking down of minds, essential for the later development of faschism. An other recent film based on a real story shows an exceptional case of human behaviour among the farm people. The average reality was different. A layer of dehumanized thinking apparently still existed much later, as recent discussions of slave labour in orphanages until the mid 1970's indicate. I think it is such an ahuman thinking about people, which threatens to become generally accepted again. Like the popularity among lawyers and politicians worldwide of Carl Schmitt, a mastermind of the Nazis. Or that people start enjoying such bleached, deindividualized, marked faces in textiled insults. Carl Amery, a writer and environmental activist, even speculated that worse is still ahead of us and the historical holocaust only an anticipation.