fun with art

Whereas I find the "classical modern" art often interesting and good, the majority (not all, of course) of contemporary art today seems to me not even a joke.

Nevertheless, one can have fun there, e.g. with talking about contemporary art. Or with selfrefferential jokes on the art market. When I observed that one would enjoy some exhibition more if one were colour blind, I was told the specialist who selected the works was colour blind indeed.

Funny too are weird things in and around art. E.g. once, when I was tutoring art theory, I puzzled about some early articles by Panofsky. He had an unsusual visual defect which distorted his perception of depth and he managed that by performing in front of paintings a kind of dance, jumping back and forth with alternatively blinking eyes. Perhaps one should produce "Panofsky-glasses" reproducing his distorted sight for everyone and reconstruct his "Panofsky-dance" for explaining his theory...

A bit strange too is the story behind cubism, which seems to be a brilliant marketing trick. That times, one could do marketing with Kant! The art dealer of Picasso, Braque and Juan Gris was Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler alias Daniel Henry. He invented cubism and explained it's early development and the idea behind it later in several books and articles. Kahnweiler's idea came in turn from Kant, more precise: from the revival of Kantian philosophy in the early 20th century. A precursor of Kahnweiler was Konrad Fiedler, one can read his art theory in "On judging works of visual art" 1949, and "Three fragments of posthumous papers of C.F." 1951.

A "einzigartig bitterböser Witz über Künstler und den Kunstbetrieb".